John comes from a long line of architects and artists. It’s in his blood.  Born and raised in Pasadena, California, John was encouraged by his Grandmother and Mother to explore his artistic talents, starting at the age of four.  Interior design, architecture, painting and photography were his childhood passions and hobbies.  

While nurturing these passions John went on to study business at University of Colorado at Boulder, which gave him a foundational understanding of how to run a company.  His love for the arts remained a hobby, but also gave him the drive to celebrate beauty in the world.  John has traveled to 39 countries to date, which has helped enhance his eye and ability to think outside the box when it comes to design.  He has seen first-hand how to mix and match color, texture, furniture, art and design; gaining inspiration from Africa, Europe, India, Asia and Morocco.

In his twenties and thirties, John built a career in the Internet world, thriving in social media market.  The corporate world helped John build a financial career and finesse his business skills; and at the same time he was able to further his education in the arts through design workshops and college art course's.  

In his forties, John wanted to reshape his career and make design the priority.  He honed his skills by working for a interior design firm which allowed him to branch out on his own.  He recently completed a massive log-cabin remodel where he was the architect, designer and general contractor.  John has successfully incorporated all his life experiences along with his artistic talents.  He does an amazing job at creating beautiful and harmonious spaces.  You will see a cohesiveness flow throughout all his projects as he sticks to his philosophy of "simple elegance."